Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Books, Blogs and Coffee Giveaway

Well, the Spring semester is about to start in two weeks. I have bought most of my textbooks and I am debating if I should get the remaining books in our text list. The books are quite expensive and I am hoping I could survive the class without them (wishful thinking :) ). Don't get me wrong, I LOVE books - but mostly not the ones required for grad school. And because grad school can get so intensive, I have been unable to read books for pleasure. So that takes away the joy of reading .. .

And so I took advantage of my long winter break by checking out "easy reading" books from the university library. But with my vacation time almost nearing its end, I am actually starting to go into "panic-mode". My sleeping pattern definitely needs to change - that means sleeping during the night and being awake during the day. The thing is I have discovered a new hobby that actually keeps me awake at nights -- aside from reading novels, I have started reading people's blogs!

For one, blogs are a refreshing change from all the heavy reading I needed to do last fall semester. Also, I am learning practical information - such as how to save money (using coupons, sales etc.). Plus, these blogs have regular giveaways which are actually fun to join. Since I love books, I mostly join those that have novels as prizes. And I have actually won 2 books already from these contests for this month. I won "The Impostor" and the "Swan Thieves". I am so happy! Given that I could not afford all my required textbooks, the book prizes are sort of a belated Christmas gift for me. I only hope these arrive before the semester starts so I could get the chance to read them . . .

Writing about contests, I am excited about the $20 Starbucks card giveaway at "The Coffee Shop" (http://love4coffee.blogspot.com). I haven't won any consumable item yet on any blog giveaway (and they have lots of those types of giveaways) and so I am hoping I could snag this. It would be a perfect win to go with my book prizes. Check out the blog: http://love4coffee.blogspot.com if you are interested to win the Starbucks coffee card :)

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