Monday, December 7, 2009

Zhu Zhu Pets - A Health Hazard???

I just read at Yahoo News (UK & Ireland) that the famous Go-Go Hamsters pose a safety threat to children. Apparently, they tested 3 Mr Squiggles and found 93 parts to a million (in the fur area) and 106 parts per million (nose area) of antimony. This chemical is similar to arsenic and acceptable levels is just 60 parts per million. Higher doses prove to be a health hazard since this chemical can cause dizziness and headaches. For children, I am not sure if their tolerance level would be lesser and so frequent exposure to these toys I presume would cause a bigger threat.

It is not clear if the American version (Zhu-Zhu Pets) is actually made of different or the same materials as the Go-Go Hamsters that were tested.The 3 toys were tested by the US Consumer Watch Group "Good Guide" and the tester(s) were from Environmental Science at University of California in Berkeley.

I was actually on the lookout for Zhu-Zhu pets to give to my 3 year old twin nephews as Christmas gifts. Stocks run out quickly but then again, maybe it is a good thing that I was not able to buy them. For those who wish to buy them, just exercise caution and learn more about this issue before actually getting one. Remember, it is better to be safe than sorry :)

For those who want the complete story at Yahoo News, copy or click the link below:

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