Tuesday, July 20, 2010

CSN Giveaways

Do you like to win a CSN Stores Gift Certificate?  There are several blogs that are hosting giveaways sponsored by CSN. Check them out and try your luck!

The Undercover Book Lover (Not Really) is hosting a $50 CSN Stores Gift Certificate.  There are multiple entries and contests ends on 8/20.

The Adventures of Paul Natalie has a $70 CSN Stores GC up for grabs.  Contest runs tills 8/12.

The John's Family is giving out a $50 CSN GC but you better hurry because entries are accepted only till 7/27.

And of course, don't forget to join my own $40 CSN Giveaway which ends this Friday (7/23)  before midnight (Alaskan time)!

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  1. Hi! thanks for stopping by my blog.. OMG! we live soo sooo sooooo far away.. this internet thing is so incredible to me.. looking forward to read your blog.. is it cold now up there??.. like sooo cold you don't want to leave the house?? or it's cold that I could use a cup of coffee?