Sunday, June 20, 2010

I now have a banner and a button!

A few weeks ago, I joined the "Build a Beautiful Blog" week contest, hosted by Simply Stacie and Kelly's Lucky You.  They had several talented blog designers as sponsors and   I needed a nice banner and  badge. One designer that really caught my eye was  Tree at the Button Connection. I loved her designs and so was really hoping my name would be picked at least for a button design.  Well, my name got picked - twice and for the same sponsor- Tree! What are the odds?!

Last night, I sent Tree an e-mail  of two images I wanted to use for my banner and badge. The next morning,  when I checked my inbox, I was pleasantly surprised to find  my  new button and banner. Tree had already done them and I love her designs! She incorporated the images I sent to her and made sure these fit well with my background.  I only needed a minor change in the button design which she graciously accommodated.  Because I am not techno-savvy, she also  walked me through the steps to upload the new banner and badge.  We basically e-mailed back and forth whole afternoon for this.  When I still could not figure out how to paste the code for my button, she even offered to do it for me. She is so patient and helpful!

If you need buttons, banners and/or a complete blog makeover, I recommend that you contact Tree at Button Connection.  Thanks again Tree, for sponsoring the giveaway and for helping make my blog look pretty :)


  1. Very cute! And it is on my mommy blog - bottom left corner!

  2. Looks VERY nice. Isn't it fun to win things?!

  3. Thank you, sweetie! And thanks for the lovely shoutout. I'm so very glad you like your were a pleasure to work with. :)

  4. Hi Mandala!

    I linked to your blog from my giveaway :) I LOVE your new banner! It looks fabulous.

    Thanks for entering my giveaway :)

  5. Wow that is so lucky that you got picked twice for your favorite designer!! The banner and button look totally cute. :)